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There’s no better time than now to have your voice heard and to be counted. Stand and exercise your power. Claim your right. Vote! Not registered? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO VOTE. Why are you voting?? Tell us below.

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Phi Launches New Website

Phi Sigma Chi Multicultural Fraternity today launched their newly redesigned brand spanking new website at The phoenix rises again, with a new look and feel. The fraternity hopes the new website will allow viewers to stay informed about fraternal projects and news while utilizing its new features to impact society on another level. Phi…

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AIDS Walk 2008

Brothers of Phi Sigma Chi and sisters of Delta Sigma Chi walked in the 2008 AIDS Walk to bring attention to AIDS research. It was a successful event and thanks in the largest part to our sisters and brothers who kept everything running smoothly. A special thank you goes to?Soror Tasha Pacheco?who raised?$175.00?and?Soror Elyse Melendez?who…

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Beautiphication Project

The Beautiphication Project is our volunteer program created to assist in community development. The goal is to transform community members? outlook on life partially by changing the outlook on their communities. Through this program we volunteer our time to renovate parks, playgrounds, community gardens, and more. Communities deserve more, and that?s what we try to…

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