363 Campaign: Father's Heart Ministries

On February 23, 2013, The Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Chi held another successful Philanthropic Event along side Father’s Heart Ministries, With the help of the Brothers of Phi Sigma Chi and other organizations the ministry fed and serviced over 300 individuals. On the streets of New York many of these individuals that were served…

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Toys for Tots Phi Sigma Chi Edition

The Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Chi continues to give back to New York City College of Technology where Chapter leaders like Vice President Sylwester Dombrowski help to continue our long and storied tradition of Community Service. The fraternity has volunteers with various groups on campus which includes Student Government Association, NYPIG, City Tech Children…

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The Daily Bread Tour

Since the early 1980s, hunger in New York City has become unbearably severe. Religious organizations and charitable agencies have long served their neighborhoods in relative isolation; despite the heroic efforts of these groups, their approach has inherent limitations. Many have begun to realize that soup kitchens here and there can relieve, but not end, the…

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