Our History

Our History

Phi Sigma Chi Multicultural Fraternity was founded on November 16, 1996, at the New York City College of Technology of the City University of New York. Phi Sigma Chi was founded by Heraldo Gabriel, Carlos Lopez, Archer Hutchinson, Steven Lee, Noah Rodriguez, and Marvin Simon – six men who sought to establish an organization built on true brotherhood and diversity with roots in self and community development. Striving to be diverse and unique while preparing tomorrow’s leaders with the necessary skillset for various life challenges defines the true nature of our brotherhood. We have formed a union among members of different races, religions, and cultures all working toward a common goal to improve the state of our communities through leadership development and the cultivation of self-worth.


The Foundation

Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity is founded at City Tech on November 16, 1996.

The founders of Phi Sigma Chi help in the formation of Delta Sigma Chi Sorority.


Always Alpha

The first step toward accomplishing our goals was taken with the very first line, Alpha Chapter’s Alpha Line. Twenty men attended the first Informational Forum, ten were selected to pledge, and four crossed. These four were Elton Leonard, Jr., Robert Parris, Louis Osorio, Jr., and Robert Laroche. They laid the foundation for what will eventually become the largest fraternity at City Tech. Phi Sigma Chi rapidly grew in numbers and stature at City Tech. More lines were initiated and the service work that was produced by members strongly impacted the surrounding community.

Brothers advocated for students' rights by protesting tuition increases for the CUNY and SUNY systems and began organizing campaigns to feed the homeless. Brothers organized food drives for soup kitchens and delivered meals directly to homeless New Yorkers on the streets.


Civic Responsibility

Brother Joseph Nieves becomes the first brother elected to City Tech student government as a senator. This begins a long tradition of political and civic engagement by members of the fraternity.

That same year Founder Archer Hutchinson transfers to Brooklyn College and begins the fraternity's first expansion effort. While pledging Phi Sigma Chi, the entire first Brooklyn College line runs for and is elected to student government.


Expansion - Beta Chapter

Beta Chapter is founded at Brooklyn College September 1999 by Founder Archer Hutchinson and Beta Chapter’s Alpha Line; Chetram Balram, Abid Hussain, Kelvin Barry, and Tyrek Richey. All Founding Brothers were student government members and leaders of various student clubs and organizations. At Brooklyn College Phi Sigma Chi sought to stand out from the crowd. The fraternity quickly started organizing speak-outs, drives, and campaigns to mobilize the student body around serious causes.

Organizational Development

Phi Sigma Chi, Inc. is incorporated in the state of New York.

Alpha Chapter helps create the first Inter-Greek Council at City Tech.

Phi Sigma Chi launches the 363 Campaign to assist the homeless community and the Beautiphication Project help develop inner city neighborhoods.


The Legacy

Founder Carlos Lopez sets a goal to expand to the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) New York City campus. After an intense intake process Founder Lopez crossed one of our fraternity’s future leaders, the late Founding Brother Foster “Legacy” Burton, III. Founding Brother Burton was passionate about his vision for this fraternity. brother Burton mobilized the fraternity to reach toward new heights and always challenged brotherhood to do and be more.

In 2001 Brother Louis Smeby is elected City Tech student government president and his entire slate of Phi Sigma Chi and Delta Sigma Chi members are elected with him. With Brother Smeby's leadership Phi Sigma Chi launches the Network for Success Projects to help students graduate college and learn career development skills.


In Greek Unity

Phi Sigma Chi joins the National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC) and helps ratify the NMGC's original constitution at a meeting of 12 multicultural fraternities and sororities at Rutgers University. Brothers contribute the organization's start in many ways, including serving on the executive board and various committees.


Phi Sigma Chi celebrates its tenth year anniversary with Delta Sigma Chi

The fraternity inducts City Tech professor Rosser as an honorary member at the fraternity's 10th year anniversary formal dinner for his years of countless services, assistance, and mentorship to the fraternity.

Brother Robert Ramos is elected chair of the City University's United Student Senate (USS) and serves as the only student on CUNY's Board of Trustees.


Like Wild Phire

Membership takes off at a rapid rate with Phi Sigma Chi expansion to the College of Staten Island, John Jay College, BMCC, and Kingsborough College.

Growth and Development

Phi Sigma Chi establishes a Metro Colony to develop future chapters. This same year Founding Brother Robert Parris leads the fraternity's first international expansion to Trinidad and Tobago.

Award Recognitions

The National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC) recognizes the indistinguishable bond that is our brotherhood by awarding Phi Sigma Chi the NMGC Unity Award. The NMGC also recognized the hard work and dedication of one of our brothers, Luis "Thor" Blanco by awarding him the NMGC Undergraduate of the Year award.

New Possibilities

Phi Sigma Chi is currently concentrating on national expansion and taking steps to improve our level of community outreach. We are currently networking with other Greek-letter organizations in an attempt to collectively tackle issues of concern. With the continued support from alumni and undergraduate members and our sister organization, Delta Sigma Chi Sorority, Phi Sigma Chi continues to be that organization that our founders had in mind.