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Are you interested in a joining a lifelong brotherhood of men across this nation, with a passion for diversity and multicultural awareness, a drive for higher education, and dedication to community service, brotherhood, and friendship? If so, then Phi Sigma Chi Multicultural Fraternity, Inc. may be the organization for you!

We are always looking for new men who are passionate about our principles and who want to join us in our cause to affect positive change in our communities. We are an open and accepting organization that seeks to bring together men regardless of race, creed, age, background, religion or economic status to provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all brothers. Being a brother of Phi Sigma Chi is not just a phase, rather, it is a lifetime commitment. We are seeking men that strongly believe in all Six Principles and are willing to put forth the energy to ensure that the Principles are being upheld accordingly. We are a non-hazing organization, with a Zero Tolerance Policy for any activities, including but not limited to mental/physical/verbal/emotional abuse. Documentation in writing of this fraternity’s risk management policy, and can be provided upon request.

Whether you have questions about joining an chapter existing at your school or if you want to bring PHI to your campus, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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