National Presidents

Quashawn Olds

National President

Luis Thor Blanco

National President

Jerron John

National President

Levar Wade

National President

Jonathan Casseus

National President

Carlos E. Lopez

National President

Archer Hutchinson

National President

From 1996 to 1999 all founding fathers served as co-presidents of the fraternity. After Phi Sigma Chi formed our Beta chapter in 1999 the fraternity recognized a need for a central governing council and created the Central Council, which was later renamed National Executive Council “National Council”, to govern all chapters.

The role of National Council is ever evolving.  In the past, it monitored the day-to-day operations of the Fraternity. As the fraternity grew and more chapters were established, National Council had to change its evolve to what is has become today!  Today, National Council acts in a strategic capacity.

Within Phi Sigma Chi’s national organization, National Council is responsible for setting strategies and measuring progress toward strategy-level goals that affect all of Phi Sigma Chi.  In its role of leading the Fraternity, National Council always strives to act in a way that represents the founding principles of Phi Sigma Chi (Brotherhood, Loyalty, Respect, Wisdom, Unity and Pride).  It values and strives to properly protect the physical and mental health and safety of Phi Sigma Chi members.  National Council acts to foster the financial stability and growth of Phi Sigma Chi and acts to continuously improve the amount of member participation and investment in Phi Sigma Chi. It isn’t a government body but a parent to a thriving family and band of brothers. Like any family, every person plays a role in its success.

Since National Council is responsible for defining, setting, and maintaining a strategic direction for Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity, Inc., Council members are responsible for evaluating the needs and desires of Phi Brothers, chapters, and associations.  Councilmen are expected to learn about Phi, its operating environment, and business policies related to operating and improving the organization.

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Fraternity.  He is responsible for organizing and chairing National Council meetings and National Conventions.  The Vice President is often responsible for managing the work to be done by the Committee chairs and their committees.  The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records of the Fraternity.  The Minister of Information is responsible for the minutes of National Council meetings and National Conventions and the membership records of the Fraternity.