National Philanthropic Projects

Supporting our communities through philanthropic events is an essential part of being a Phi Sigma Chi brother. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others in our community, and even our brothers personally. We encourage community involvement, this is what distinguishes us from other organizations. Each of our chapters raises awareness through programs on their campuses.



Phi Sigma Chi strongly believes in the importance of multicultural awareness. We applaud fraternities and sororities which were founded with the intent to strengthen racial and religious groups. While it is important to concentrate on the upliftment of your people, we believe that it is equally important to concentrate on the union of one people.


363 Campaign

The problem of homelessness has been around since there have been homes. But, today, the gap between the haves and have-nots is getting wider and wider. The 363 Campaign is an attempt to bring to light the fact that the needy are still in need of our help the other 363 days of the year besides Thanksgiving and Christmas.



The Beautiphication Project is our volunteer program created to assist in community development. The goal is to transform community members’ outlook on life partially by changing the outlook on their communities.


Network for Success

The Network for Success Campaign is an attempt to teach young leaders the skills necessary to make their mark in the workforce. The project, started by Brother Louis E. Smeby, stresses the importance of project assessment and development, public speaking, networking, time management and more.


Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

After losing our brother Phaethon to sickle cell disease (SCD) related heart failure the brothers of Phi Sigma Chi became keenly aware of the impacts of SCD and immediately began awareness and fundraising campaigns around the issue.