Network for Success

The Network for Success Project is an attempt to teach young leaders the skills necessary to make their mark in the workforce. The project, started by Brother Louis E. Smeby, stresses the importance of project assessment and development, public speaking, networking, time management and more. These workshops lend to our commitment to building leaders to take an active role in society.

Your personal vision is why you do what you do. It shows you where you want to go. No one plans to fail, they fail to plan. Pay attention to your vision and goals. One of Phi Sigma Chi’s goals is to build and enhance the leadership qualities of our members. We know that our organization can not maintain sustainability without strong, focused individual members. We?re a proactive organization. Instead of complaining about societies problems or waiting for someone to fix them we choose to do something about them. In order to perform at peak performance one must be skilled in the ways of the workforce. This is why the Network for Success exist.