363 Campaign

The problem of homelessness has been around since there?s been homes. But, today, the gap between the haves and have-nots is getting wider and wider. As concerned individuals we do what we can to help the situation. Though, most people seem to pay attention to this problem mainly around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is why Phi Sigma Chi, Inc. has launched the 363 Campaign. The 363 Campaign is an attempt to bring to light the fact that the needy are still in need of our help the other 363 days of the year besides Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As concerned individuals we have the power to make a difference on a daily basis. Write your local legislators and let them know that you want more funding for food pantries. Let them know that you want a permanent solution to the problem. You can also donate food and clothing, or other necessities like toothbrushes and tampons. Or, baby items like bottles and baby clothes. You can volunteer your time at a soup kitchen or shelter. You can join us as we make sandwiches for the homeless and personally deliver them to the homeless on the street. Or, join us on Halloween as we trick or treat for canned goods for the homeless.

We cannot allow the problem to continue anymore.