Our Governance

National Council

The Fraternity’s authority is bound in the National Executive Council (formerly called the Central Council) and administrated on a day-to-day basis by the National President and officers.

National Executive Council

Quashawn Olds


Nathan Martin

Vice President

Mohammad Tusar


Zyeem Nazir

Minister of Information

Ray Campbell

Brother of Conduct

Board of Fraternal Development

Elijah Gordon

Intake Process Chairman

Anthony Crespo

Recruitment Chairman

Geovany Martinez

Technology Director

Andrew Valentine

National Chaplain

Adam Walters

NMGC Representative

Anthony Crespo

NMGC Representative

Jassiem Morris

NY Regional Director

Salomon Zapata

PA Regional Director

Luis Thor Blanco

Expansion Director

Archer Hutchinson

PR Director

Within Phi Sigma Chi’s national organization, National Council is responsible for setting strategies and measuring progress toward strategy-level goals that affect the organization.  In its role of leading the Fraternity, National Council always strives to act in a way that represents the founding principles of Phi Sigma Chi.  It values and strives to properly protect the physical and mental health and safety of Phi Sigma Chi members. National Council acts to foster the financial stability and growth of Phi Sigma chi and acts to continuously improve the amount of member participation and investment in Phi Sigma Chi.

COMPOSITION. The National Executive Council of Phi Sigma Chi is composed of alumnae from all chapters across the nation who volunteer on behalf of the organization. These men work hard to maintain consistency and promote brotherhood among all chapters and colonies, as well as ensuring that all requirements are met on the local and national levels.

A PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM. The National Fraternity operates based on a Parliamentary system. The governing body of the Fraternity is the National Executive Council; this Council is the supreme Executive, Legislative and Judicial body of the Fraternity. All decision made by the National Executive Council are final and not subject to review.

CHAIRMAN. The National Council, when in session, is chaired by the National President of the Fraternity. He is the officer that selects the date, time and locale of the annual meeting or of any special meeting of the Council; likewise, he sets the agenda.

DUTIES AND POWERS. The National Council has the following among its regular duties:

  • it approves the annual budget of the Fraternity;
  • charters new chapters/entities;
  • takes disciplinary action as needed;
  • amends the Constitution and Bylaws;
  • receives and acts upon Committee/Chairmen reports;
  • adopts, as needed, changes to traditions;
  • confirms all Constitutional Officers appointed by the National President;
  • works through its Committee system;
  • ratifies minutes of its meetings;
  • closes entities;
  • et al.

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