Phi Sigma Chi held our 2010 Phi Awards reception Saturday, December 11, 2010. It was a great night with many brothers in attendance. Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you for the great work you have been doing this year.

Awards were presented to the following award winners:

Jermaine “Focus” McKenzie won the Pride Award
Alberto “Cristo” Rivera won the Unity Award
Archer “Majestic” Hutchinson won the Wisdom Award
Jonathan “Strength” Casseus won the Brotherhood Award
Kirby “Kash-Lite” Austin won the Loyalty Award
Rashaad “Ra” Tate won the Respect Award
Shanell “Fenomynal” Jones won the Legacy Award
Jermaine “Focus” McKenzie won the Neophyte of the Year Award
Jonathan “Strength” Casseus won the Brother of the Year Award
Jonathan “Strength” Casseus was recognized for receiving the highest undergraduate GPA and Alberto “Cristo” Rivera was recognized for receiving the highest graduate studies GPA
Sean “Don Juan” Haught-Scott, LeVar “Law” Wade and Kirby “Kash-Lite” Austin were all recognized for receiving their Associates degrees this year. All three are currently continuing their education toward Bachelor degrees.
Neophytes received their membership certificates.
And Zeta Chapter received their chapter charter in recognition as the fraternity’s newest chapter.

Congratulations to all. It has been a great year for the fraternity!

Photos by Founding Father Heraldo “Creator” Gabriel