On December 22, 2012 The Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Chi had another successful Philanthropic Event along side Father’s Heart Ministries. With the help of the Brothers of Phi Sigma Chi and other organizations the ministry fed and serviced over 300 individuals. On the streets of New York many of these individuals are looked down upon, but today each person was treated with dignity and the utmost respect. The message for the day was “God is not angry and your welcome to come home”. Filled with food and Hope the guest departed back to their daily lives which may be unfamiliar to many of us. At the end of the service the brothers of Phi stood in a corner towards the back of room, reflecting on the experience we had. Fredrick Jones also know as Big Brother Disxiple shared that poverty, hunger, homelessness doesn’t discriminate. Big Brother Gohard shared you never no where life can take you, Gohard had seen a gentlemen being served that appeared to be younger than him. Let us remember to be grateful for what we have, as there are some people that have it much worst than we do. Brothers that attended were Big Brother Deuce, Big Brother Go Hard, Big Brother Outrage, Big Brother Diverze, Big Brother Helios, Big Brother Belief and Big Brother Disxiple.