Saturday, August 16th, 2008 was a day to remember. It began by us going to AD Greek, to the car breaking down on the way. This caused us to be stuck in Queens for the whole day. Finally we were able to head back to one of our brother’s house. After we got there we were asked to help him out in his church.

Nevertheless, some of the brothers of Phi Sigma Chi – Alpha Chapter and the National President decided to help out in the church despite being tired from a long day. These wonderful brothers are Sean Haughton-Scott (Don Juan,) Marcus Doris (Atlas,) Derek Arzu (Mello,) and lastly Lemuel Richards (Blackheart). We helped with the finishing up touches of painting. We also helped out with the lifting back and forth of benches and the rearrangement. Finally after a hour we moved all the extra materials used for the renovation to the front of the building.