distinguished logo Phi Sigma Chi Multicultural Fraternity today launched their newly redesigned brand spanking new website at www.phisigmachi.com. The phoenix rises again, with a new look and feel. The fraternity hopes the new website will allow viewers to stay informed about fraternal projects and news while utilizing its new features to impact society on another level.

Phi Sigma Chi is a coalition of professionals and students dedicated to bettering the state of our communities through political pressure, educational projects and direct volunteering. Phi Sigma Chi was founded in 1996 by students wanting to establish an organization that would build tomorrow?s leaders.

The website includes a multimedia section with videos and photos of various fraternal events and functions, including service work, step shows, formals, and more.

The site features the latest news and developments from the Distinguished Gentlemen of Phi and makes it easier for you to stay up to date with Phi’s latest events. You can sign up for e-mail updates or receive the latest news on your cell phone with the fraternity?s new SMS text alert feature.

Sections of the website highlights Phi Sigma Chi?s push for multicultural awareness and embrace, homeless outreach, as well as leadership and community development.

Philanthropy and service work is taken to another level with online interactive features. To new site urges online voter registration while encouraging voters to share why they are voting in the nation?s upcoming general elections. In the coming months people will be able to register to vote right on the website!

A series of growing membership features allows for members to pay their dues online, as well as behind the scenes features. The public can also support the fraternity?s work by donating funds to the organization online.

Interested in joining Phi Sigma Chi? Just go to www.phisigmachi.com and fill in an online interest form and brothers will get back to you about joining this growing brotherhood.

The fraternity also plans to hold online fundraisers for charities and solicit assistance for philanthropy events via the new website.

In the coming month Phi Sigma Chi plans to launch new websites for their Alpha and Beta chapters, as well.

Feel free to explore and enjoy all that Phi Sigma Chi?s new website has to offer.