Congratulations and welcome to our newest brothers, the Alpha Rho line, which crossed Saturday, December 11, 2010. Alpha Rho consists of:

Alpha-Rho Line

02 Gregory Nau – Big Brother GoHard
03 Richard Nemorin – Big Brother Adonis
04 Sylwester Dombrowski – Big Brother Sly
05 Dwight Matthews – Big Brother Heru
06 Kizza King – Big Brother Smoov
08 Gregory Paul – Big Brother Lazarus
09 Brian Williams – Big Brother Blaze
10 Jovanny Merino – Big Brother Carnage
11 Lawrence Gilford – Big Brother Random
12 Babajide Adelokiki – Big Brother Origin
13 Felix Rosario – Big Brother Logic

Great job brothers. You have shown what a Phi Man is to be. Take what you have learned and put it to action.